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Sad children

Nurturing emotional resilience in children to pave the way for brighter, healthier futures.

What impact would this have on your child?

Picture a world where children are equipped with invaluable skills to overcome challenges from an early age.

How do you think your child's life would change if we focused more on their feelings, happiness, and understanding of emotions rather than just how well they do in school?


MHFA England

"Half of mental ill health starts by age 15 and 75% develops by age 18"

So how can we make an impact?

Did you know?

One in four adults faces mental health challenges every year in England, and this number is skyrocketing.

But there's hope!

We're here to intervene early, starting from childhood. 

Imagine if we could grasp our emotions, understand our behaviours, and learn healthy coping mechanisms from a young age, which then become a natural habit as we transition into adulthood.

Together, through support, education, and training, we can make a difference – whether you are a parent/carer, teacher, social worker, GP or a dentist. We all have a part to play!

Using proven methods, we empower children to build emotional intelligence and self-regulation skills. Let's pave the way to brighter mental health futures!


"Thank you for putting this together, my daughter really enjoyed attending. It was a great space away from the pressure of school and knowing it's ok not to be ok and ask for help."


" He is really benefitting from the sessions with you and he always talks about it Tuesday evening... Overall nothing but positive to be honest. I am thoroughly grateful for your sessions, as he seems to take on board what's talked about which is great!!"


“I just wanted to take the time to say how good we are finding this group. She really enjoys coming and seem at ease with you all. She's already putting some of the techniques to practice and talking about her emotions a little more".  

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